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Can-AccTech e-mail discussion forum

Accountants, financial/tax/business advisors, controllers and other financial executives:

Do you have questions, concerns, tips or solutions regarding your use of COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY for ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL and TAX APPLICATIONS in CANADA?

JOIN a FREE e-mail list: "Can-AccTech" (Canada-Accounting Technology), where more than 400 Canadian accountants, financial professionals and accounting technology developers and resellers swap ideas, problems and experiences via e-mail in an open exchange of views and comments.

Toronto-based computer consultant, Richard Morochove, FCA, is the moderator of this unique forum, which he founded in 1995. The cost of running the forum is underwritten by Morochove & Associates Inc. The Can-AccTech discussion forum may lead to the development of further information sources and assistance in technology matters specifically geared to the needs of accountants and financial professionals.

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